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What is it? Very simply, it's the use of high pressure water with or without the addition of chemicals or abrasives to remove unwanted matter from drains and is one of the solutions Kidd's Plumbing offers!

Our licensed plumbers a use state-of-the-art high pressure water jetting technology to clear clogged drains and problem sewer lines that may occur in your residence or commercial property. Our high pressure water jetting system is ideal and effective for cleaning drains and cutting roots.

Occasionally it is necessary for Kidd's Plumbing to utilize this medthod with a jammed sewer line. Sewer jetting may also be performed on a larger scale, such as for industrial buildings or a multi-unit sewer system. Sludge, debris, plant matter and other materials can clog a sewer line, requiring its reopening through a process known as jetting. Basically, jetting involves blasting water at high pressure through the line to clean out any jams.

The Power behind the Jet!

Jetting sewer lines requires a certain threshold of power in order to clear the lines and overcome the blockage. Inferior power represents a waste of time, money and water and, of course, fails to resolve the sewer problem. Jetting a kitchen line would normally require a pressure washer with about 1,500 pounds per square inch (PSI) strength, but larger lines or more serious blockages can require upward of 4,000 PSI. The power level must also be balanced against piping material as excessive pressure could damage softer material. Generally, 2,500 PSI is adequate, but using the wrong level of power could be problematic.

"No Job Too Great or too Small!"

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