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...We are so very pleased to be able to offer such a variety of services that are an asset not only to Home Owners but to the
...Commercial industry as well!

Knoxville Backhoe services l TN backhoe operators BACKHOE & BOBCAT SERVICES
tn-new-construction l knoxville construction companies NEW CONSTRUCTION SERVICES
TN drain cleaners l knoxville drain cleaners l powell drain cleaners DRAIN CLEANING SERVICES
tn-remodelers l TN remodeling companies l Powell TN remodelers REMODELING SERVICES
knoxville-waterjet-drain-cleaners l TN waterjet-drain-cleaning DRAIN WATERJETTING SERVICES
knoxville-water-heater-repairs l TN water heater repair WATER HEATER REPAIR SERVICES
knoxville_plumbers l TN plumbers l TN licensed plumbers PLUMBING SERVICES knoxville-water-sewer-lines services l TN water sewer line services WATER SEWER LINE SERVICES

Kidds' Plumbing offers Night Emergency Service at NO EXTRA CHARGE

Kidds' Plumbing offers Weekend Emergency Service at NO EXTRA CHARGE

Kidds' Plumbing offers Holiday Emergency Service at NO EXTRA CHARGE

Expect a Rapid Response Time

Kidd's Plumbing proudly offers a 10% discount to
our Senior Citizens, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Military Personnel!

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